Welcome to Apartment Complex Serena Residence - an oasis of peace and harmony

"Serena Residence"  - h
ere the delight of a seaside holiday is combined with the scent of greenery and pine forest and the sound of crickets and birds’ chirps. It is like taking an outdoor walk amid natural surroundings, but actually you have just opened the panoramic windows of your Serena Residence apartment or studio.
Experience the freshness of summer and the warm southern sea - become our guest or join as a property owner in Serena Residence!
Serena Residence is located on a hill surrounded by a lovely forest and its panoramic windows overlook the sea. The holiday complex welcomes guests in its fully furnished apartments and studios, an amazing restaurant, a large outdoor pool and a lovely garden.
Be part of this unique location, taking advantage of both the excellent hotel services and the cosiness of home-style environment.
General information about the beach, the sights and the surroundings of Sozopol Beach Kavatsi and Smokinya: Kavatsite beach and Smokinya are located 3 km south of Sozopol, between the capes of Saint Christos and Agalina. The beach has fine golden sand, it is very long and wide. The view is wonderful and the beach descends smoothly into the sea. In the northern and southern parts, there are sea rocks suitable for underwater swimming. At the beach, there is the "Sand Lilia" reserve, where the same name plant grows. For children and sports maniacs, there are various water attractions and sports facilities.
Art and Culture: The old town of Sozopol is a favourite destination for many people. It exudes an unforgettable atmosphere, with its narrow, cobbled streets, antique stone walls, woodwork windows, fishing boats and nets, small, cosy restaurants offering fresh fish, traditional dishes, cocktails and desserts. Many souvenirs and works of art can be bought at numerous stalls and small shops. In Sozopol, tourists can visit the local Museum of History, Christian churches and the ruins of "St. Ivan" Monastery, which is located on the Big Island.