All the owners of apartments in Serena Residence contribute to the maintenance of the apartment complex by paying an annual tax.
The amount of the tax depends on the area of your property.
The value, the scope of the maintenance and the rules for the use of the apartments and studios in "Serena Residence" are included in a contract for maintenance and management of the property - signed by every owner in the complex.

The principe of this contract is to guarantee that the apartment complex will remain a comfortable and cosy place to live and will keep its esthetic appearance.

The maintenance of the complex cover the common areas - the common parts of the building and the green areas, the swimming pool, the equipment:
• management of the building,
• maintenance of the common parts and the equipements of the complex,
• maintenance of the garden,
• cleaning of the garden and the common areas,
• maintenance of the installations and equipment of the building,
• maintenance of the swimming pool,
• life-guard on the swimming pool
• organisation of the security and the hygienic services in the common parts of the complex
• keeping of the register of the owners and all the accountings of the maintenance of the whole property.

A part of our clients in "Serena Residence" could prefer to use our services to rent their apartments for the time that they don't use them.
For the rent of the apartment we sign a contract for rent between the owner and the managing company "Mapi 2005" OOD.

During the summer season "Serena Residence" is functionning as a hotel - our important network of partners - touroperators and brokers partners guarantees a good and sure profitability of the rent of your apartment.

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